Mr. Miyagi’s Fly Catch

In Nature of Code, we learned how to regulate entropy and imitate the physical world.  I seized this opportunity  to realize the Miyagi Fly Catch that I begun during 4-in-4.

The game is played with real, untethered chopsticks.  The tips are painted a neon color in order for your webcam to be able to differentiate the sticks from the other objects in the frame.  Mr. Miyagi’s right arm follows your tracked chopsticks across the screen during your pursuit of the rendered housefly.

Here are some pictures from ITP’s Spring Show.

Calibrating the game

Calibrating the color tracking. Photo by Joseph Kelberman.

Man who catch fly accomplish anything

Man who catch fly accomplish anything. Photo by Syed.


Go Tommy Go! Photo by Joseph Kelberman.

The fellow project “A Fish This Big” also uses color tracking, enabling me to use my chopsticks with their project too.  Their program uses the two blobs as scaling handles (no pun intended) to place the fish.  This is picture is from the computer’s view.


Matt feeds me a fish.

Here’s a short clip from Gizmodo. Keep in mind this was OpenCV before the Kinect came out.

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