Direwolf Bread



Role: CAD design & 3D printing

I was approached by a Preview Events to develop a tool for a catering company to make large batches of Direwolf bread for their upcoming Xfinity x Game of Thrones activation at the San Diego Comic-Con ’17. They referenced Xfinity’s original content, chef Brian Talbott’s video tutorial on hand-making the bread and tracing the graphic on parchment paper. Having already designed and printed cookie cutters for the holidays, I had the experience to know what works in terms of making cuts, impressions, and ease of use; specifically the negative space needed to gently remove the dough from the mold. 

I had about 48 hours to model, get approval, and print the batch.  Luckily I had access to an array of FDM printers at my day job.


My test prints. After I printed the entire batch, the client wanted to make them shorter (for easier dough removal). Luckily, the nature of the print mean the seams were on the sides and I could just measure a consistent height, and using an Olfa knife, pop the excess off.


Actual bread results in coverage from Nerdgeist, pretty close to the render!